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I never really set out to become a landscape photographer. In fact, I was adamant as a student that I would spend my entire photographic career working with people and producing portraiture.

Commercially, this has been accurate, as I have spent the past sixteen years working as a freelance portrait and event photographer. Whilst I do enjoy this as a career, my own creative freedom and expression has resided within self-driven projects and reportage photography.

As time has passed, I have found more enjoyment from exploring the natural landscape around me. My landscape photography is about capturing a personal experience and overcoming the challenges that nature regularly provides. I find the process to be therapeutic. Perhaps an escape from the worries associated with our everyday lives and any personal issues weighing on my mind.

My photography is centered around the wild landscape. Poor weather conditions, darkness, dramatic golden hour light and the alignment of subjects all play a key role in my work. These environments give me a strong feeling of connection to our planet and allow me to visually portray the dominance of nature upon our lives and our own real insignificance as relatively recent inhabitants of this world.

​My photography serves as a reminder to myself of these feelings and experiences. I look at my work and see the problems that I faced, the conditions that I endured and the feeling of accomplishment I felt whilst returning to my place in modern society.

If you would like to see my work more regularly, you can follow me on either VERO or Instagram.

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