I have worked as a wedding photographer in Cornwall for the past twelve years. 

I have always regarded myself as a visual storyteller and prided myself on being able to deliver professional and creative photographs that evoke real emotions and atmosphere.

During the past year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have not had any weddings to photograph. Aside from the initial financial strain, this has given me new and exciting opportunities that I am ever grateful for.

During the first lockdown, I spent my time creating portraits of local residents and I managed to raise a significant amount of money for our local hospital. Since then, I have found a new passion for landscape photography. Cornwall is a stunning place to photograph and I find it inspiring and therapeutic to create photographs of the amazing Cornish landscape around me.

You can buy prints, digital copies and more from my online shop and all purchases are gratefully received as they enable me to keep doing what I love most in the United Kingdom. Thank you!

Email - contact@ashleyhampson.com

Landscape, Wedding and Fine Art Photographer

We hired Ash for our Cornish wedding and he was absolutely brilliant! He didn’t just take the standard photos, he was consistently creative and explored the venue with us to find the shots we really wanted and it made for the most amazing the final photographs. Even working around animals and children he was creative, enthusiastic and welcoming to all, everyone at the wedding loved him (some enough they were buying him drinks!) and it was easy to see why, he’s lovely. No regrets at all, our wedding pictures are stunning. 




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