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By making previously impossible views and creative angles far more accessIble, drone photography has become hugely popular in several sectors. Holiday letters and property developers can now show overseas buyers what the view from their new penthouse will look like, while surveyors and inspectors can get an unmatched view into developments at their sites.


Drone photography can offer your audience an unparallelled aesthetic and provide the context that your clients demand.


Photographs will be supplied with a large resolution of 8468 x 6774 (50+ Megapixels).



I am fully licensed by the CAA to operate within 5m of uninvolved people or buildings and to a maximum height of 120m.


I can offer 4K cinematic footage shot at 60fps. This can be indoor/outdoor filming and operate in wind conditions below 30mph.


All footage is colour graded by myself to fit your branding guidelines and can be re-edited after the initial delivery if required.

I can offer vertical or horizontal filming in full 4K resolution.

Footage is supplied in a web-friendly and master copy resolution.

Thanks for submitting!


fully insured

You can put your faith in me as I operate with full UAV specific public liability insurance up to £1,000,000.


fully licensed

I hold a current A2 Certificate of Competance and a GVC which allow me to fly commercially in built up areas and closer to uninvolved people and property.

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