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COVID-19 Lockdown - Week Four

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

SO. Week four. A very busy week considering it's not supposed to be. So busy in fact that this blog post is four days late and I am cringing at the though of having to sit here and write it! But, it's important to me, so here we go!

Day 22

Eden started the day with some school work, he had to design a book mark and write a book review. Mummy helped and they both seemed to enjoy this task together. Whilst Dannielle and Eden were busy, Ivor napped on me and Zephyr had a good 'YouTube session.

After this, Zephyr and myself set up a game of 'hide the bananas, ready for a FaceTime call with Grandma and Grandad. Zephyr directed this game and told them exactly which ones they had to choose...and of course, he won. They were in the snail shell of course!

We all enjoyed our lunch together at the table after this. This has been another nice positive during this lockdown. Eating three meals a day together at the table. A simple but lovely experience that is important for any family.

After dinner, I had my first Zoom meeting with my work colleagues from college. It was really nice to see everyone at once and have a proper chat. My team are really lovely and I couldn't ask for a better bunch to work alongside.

As this took some time, by the time I had finished it was tea time and time for the daily news updates. Today was focused around the rise in fatality rates and the 35% drop forecast for our economy.

Day 23

This morning Eden and Dannielle chose to write a poem about the lockdown and map out our family tree as part of his school work. Zephyr got in on the learning experience for around ten minutes by working through some of his numbers book. He then decided to play with the duple for a bit whilst Ivor napped and I made some adjustments to last weeks blog on my laptop. I also managed to contact a couple of students and get a good update with things.

After I finished the work I was doing, I helped Zephyr to build a castle. Our castle was so impressive that even Eden couldn't wait to get in on the action.

Elevenses today consisted of jam on crumpets. Yum! Captain America is proving popular with Zephyr at the moment and he wants to order the big version of his shield. He needs another £1 to order though...

Zephyr then checked on the tadpole progress. We decided that we have too many for one container so we're getting another tub. I will have to buy some bottled water though because we're aware that tap water will kill them.

Before dinner, the boys continued to play. I had introduced Zephyr to the AR games on his DS and he was doing a great job at solving the puzzles by using his camera to find hidden dragons within our coffee table. He found this really magical and really enjoyed it. It's probably the first time I've really seen him master a computer based game or puzzle.

If you're wondering how I got this awesome effect...I shot the photograph through a duplo window!

Zephyr (and Dannielle) managed to wrap up some presents for their cousin Rowan and the boys both made lovely cards. Rowan doesn't live far away so we're going to head down later and deliver them to his doorstep (whilst social distancing).

Zephyr spent the next hour with Dannielle in the kitchen learning how to make a Bolognese! He seemed to enjoy doing this and was asking lots of questions from what I could hear!

This little dude got in some serious wagon time and I made sure he was surrounded by his favourite toys. He loves that Duplo pineapple that you can see him chomping on!