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COVID-19 Lockdown - Week Seven

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Seven weeks in. How is the time going for you? To me it seems to be going quickly as we are generally always busy. Plus, my Front Porch Project has been gathering traction rapidly! I've now smashed my target of £1000 and am sitting just above £1700! I've shot over 350 portraits in our local community now and I'm loving it. This week will be VE/Flora day here in Helston so it seems an even more significant time. This is the first time in memory the event, that is hundreds of years old, will not take place. The last time it didn't is thought to be during the world wars.

Day 43

Dannielle started the morning planning Eden's school schedule and making a behavior chart for Zephyr, who has been struggling recently somewhat. We have decided to offer a treat on a Friday evening if they do their work and behave well. This week, they can win themselves a 'cinema night' in.

Ivor was happy in his cot for a while, then upgraded to the jumper for a bit before finally falling asleep on me.

The boys were playing well together this morning, Zephyr chose to bring down his 'Top Wings' toys and Eden seemed surprisingly interested.

Eden designed and wrote a leaflet guide instructing people how to look after rabbits as part of his school work. Zephyr was behaving really well and was doing a good job of drinking his juice. We suspect that his poor toileting and eating of meals was down to lack of water as he hasn't been drinking much. His general behavior seems a lot better now that he has been having a cup of water every hour.

Zephyr reminded me to wash my hands this morning and then gave me a full demonstration of how to sing happy birthday twice and explaining the correct techniques.

Lunchtime with this cutie...

Eden has been showing Zephyr how to use his DS which has lived in the cupboard since Christmas 2018. He was a bit young for it then really but I couldn't just get Eden one! Anyway, he's enjoying his Animal Crossing game as well as a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Eden created a couple more Avengers today to go into his bunting. He's got nine to go now! I was looking at this photograph wondering why the colours looked so yellow and then I realized, it's because we've not had to turn our lounge lights on during the daytime for weeks. It's been so sunny, it now seems strange having a dreary day a looks noticeably different! Ah well, at least the plants in the garden will get a watering!

The postman brought us a nice little treat today! My parents sent us over a package with Prosecco, flowers and chocolates to congratulate us on our engagement! Yum!

Captain America and Thor were out in full effect this afternoon...

The UK became the country with the highest number of deaths as a result of Covid-19 today. This figure doesn't include any deaths registered in the care industry too. Scary!

Day 44

Eden spent the morning working whilst Zephyr played and I looked after Ivor (whilst also arranging my Front Porch Project locations for tonight).

Lunchtime came round quickly and Zephyr was now sporting his new clothes that had arrived yesterday, an Avengers sweatshirt and a spider-man T-shirt. Myself and Dannielle both commented on how grown up he looked wearing a sweatshirt! He's growing up fast! His behavior has been great the last couple of days too.

Eden watched 'Ant Man and The Wasp', which he really enjoyed. He's only got one more film to go now and he will have watched them all! Next up... X-Men! He's going to love that!

Ivor got plenty of Mummy cuddles in today...

Here's a shot of the boys demolishing their rice pudding with 'chocolate sprinkles'. Their chocolate sprinkles are actually chia seeds. Dannielle tricked them weeks ago and they've been none the wiser ever since! Suckers.

Eden made a double edged sword out of Duplo (based on Thanos' sword). I was astounded at how symmetrical it was! He's very good at designing and building things.

Didn't really have time to watch the news today, but I did take this photograph to document it.

Dannielle has been busy making things and making me make things. The boys are excited for their cinema night now! I got back from a big shoot tonight for my Front Porch Project and she had finished these awesome signs!

Day 45

Zephyr spent the morning completing some of his new book that my parents had sent through the post. Today is the day too so both the boys have been on their best behavior all morning. Cinema night is go!

Ivor for in a power nap before lunch...

Zephyr drinking his juice. Hurrah!

After lunch we decided to have a trip to the field next to us so that the boys could have a play and Zephyr could have another go on his bike without stabilisers. They were also keen to play a bit of scatch!

After tea, the boys went upstairs for their bath whilst Dannielle turned our lounge into 'cinema mode'! Whilst the boys were in the bath I switched on the jacuzzi. They thought this was hilarious. I don't think we have ever actually used this before so it was a funny surprise for them! Dannielle made them invites and wrapped up some new PJ's for them to wear!

Check this out! Signs, popcorn, sweets, jelly, the pool inside full of pillows and cushions, Trolls World Tour ready to go! The boys loved it!

Day 46

After breakfast and a coffee, we decided to fill the pool up outside as it was still blown up from the night before. The weather immediately turned. It was almost like it was listening to us! Zephyr helped Dannielle make a new behavior chart for the week ahead. This time they had asked for a 'disco night' so this was the agreed reward on offer.

Great weather for tadpoles though...

Today is not only VE Day, but Flora Day here in Helston. Flora day is huge festivity for Helston. The whole town looks forward to it each year and usually by the time of the day, the celebrations are in full swing.

The boys made some bunting to hang up in preparation for our tea party that Dannielle had planned.

Ivor posed for these beauties...

The flowers have come out now too, we were wondering what color they would be...

How ingenious is Dannielle's 'last minute cake stand'...

Zephyr had a good play with his pool noodle despite not being able to get into the pool today!

The news was simply a message urging people to remember their social distancing during any VE celebrations today. I was out shooting for my Front Porch Project tonight and I was wondering what town would be like with the added incentive of Flora Day.

It wasn't too bad by the time I was out. There were a couple of streets with people who had clearly forgotten/ chosen to ignore the distancing requirements in place. I turned one corner and was greeted by no less than 15-20 people sat on a herb shoulder to shoulder drinking heavily whilst all their children were playing together in the street. Thankfully, I was driving in my car at this point.

I did however, encouragingly, also see a lot of sensible celebrations. I saw several streets with people out in their gardens but clearly keeping a reasonable distance away from friends and neighbours.

I managed to find a photograph from VE day in 1945 earlier and I worked out the spot in town where the photograph was originally taken. I went back to the same spot and blended the two photographs together. Here is my result...

Here is the original to compare...

Day 47

During breakfast, Eden managed to loose another tooth! He immediately told me he hoped that the tooth fairy could now get to the bank as he wanted money instead of sweeties like before. I shrugged my shoulders.

Jam on toast for Eden today as we ran out of milk. I'm due to do the big shop later though so one day off from porridge won't cause too much trauma.

Upon opening the curtains, we saw it was a beautiful day outside today, this meant one thing to the boys. Pool. Much fun was had for the next half hour or so!

Ivor rocked an impromptu high chair themed portrait shoot. Working it from all angles...

I went back outside and found these guys chilling out in our chairs.

Eden then made me draw Ant Man, Wasp and Spiderman so that he could colour them in and tick them off his list. Not many to go now!

Zephyr decided to have another splash in the pool. This time in his birthday suit!

He then got in some much coveted 'Playstation time'. Both the boys are enjoying the latest Spider-man game currently. Zephyr can often be heard asking if he can 'do a bit of the swinging'.

Missed the news today, but here is Ivor having a meltdown on the sofa.

Eden wrote a pretty epic letter to the tooth fairy...

Day 48

Last night I drove up to Dannielle's parents house to collect some pallet wood that was going. We had planned to turn this into a new coffee table. This took much longer than planned as the pallets were a nightmare to break apart. Here are the three photographs that I remembered to take.

Beer and cider time...

Followed nicely by this. It had been chilling in the fridge all week and tasted lovely!

BJ was back with a much anticipated update tonight. Lot's of people had been expecting him to announce the end of the lockdown apparently but instead they simply got a new catchy slogan and some seemingly clear, but surprisingly complicated rules.

Day 49

Most of our morning was spent finishing off the coffee table by adding castor wheels, sanding and painting it. Dannielle also painted our bench so that it matched. Looks good. Much better than the space we had their before and our broken, rusty, wobbly table. We still have the wood from this though so we are planning to make another, larger bench to go with the new table.

After lunch, I took the boys to the field for a bit of exercise.

Zephyr took his bike and managed a good ten seconds unaided again. He's really enjoying it too. He keeps asking for goes on it so as long as he remains keen, I'm sure he will be biking on his own in no time. Either way, he looks good trying...

Ivor kept me company in the kitchen tonight whilst I made dinner...

Monty approved of the new garden furniture...

So, week six of Lockdown complete. This week I shot over sixty Front Porch Portraits too!

I'll be updating this blog weekly, let me know what you think though in the comments below.

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