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COVID-19 Lockdown - Week Six

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Well, another rather busy week! I am now starting to struggle to find time to juggle my work, update this blog, photograph effectively, respond to emails and keep the momentum going in my Front Porch Project. I'm also supposed to have read lots of books about teaching and have written a 3500 word assignment for my PGCE course which is due in six days. I haven't even had time to read one page, let alone write anything. But here, I go. Week six in lockdown.

Day 36

After breakfast Eden told me that he had something to show me in his bedroom. When I got up there he wanted to show me his 'secret agent diary'. I opened it and it was completely empty so figured he wanted me to help him fill it in. He then gave me a funny look and told me to bring it into the bathroom (without the lights on.) It was then, that I discovered that the whole thing had been filled out in UV pen! Brilliant!

We then came up with our own 'spy club'. Eden chose to be 'Case Officer Play' and, obviously, the leader. I was designated the name 'Agent Snapper'. He told me that I was also asset number 30 and he was asset number 259. I asked why and he explained that my age (37) time his age (7) is 259. My number was then my age minus his age. He had been planning this for some time I thought.

We then invented a secret code consisting of verbal code words and secret sign language. I also have my own 'spy ticket' that I must present in order to be granted access to his bedroom. I must now cary this with me at all times.

Dannielle had been busy making some fritters for Ivor to try. The time has come for finger food! I wonder how this will pan out...

Turns out, Ivor loves all food and will literally eat all of anything you put in front of him. He's growing at a speedy rate now and this beast is going to be duffing up his older brothers in no time.

I had promised Eden that I would play a game of Pokemon with him yesterday, so after dinner we played this and attempted to teach Zephyr how to play. He wasn't interested in anything other than looking after the shiny 'flipper' coins. He calls himself 'the keeper of the shinies.

I then took the boys over to the field to play at the 'Magic Tree' which is now also the Avengers base and Ant Man's HQ. Eden and Zephyr have almost finished watching all of the Marvel films now and they have enjoyed every minute of them. This has obviously translated into their play!

After several battles we even had time for a quick kick about.

After tea, we didn't have much time for stories so I had to get through them quickly tonight. I was out between 7-8pm photographing people for my 'Front Porch Project'.

Day 37

After porridge club Dannielle decided to have a quick tidy up of Eden's current bowl cut. I'm waiting for some scissors that I ordered online to arrive before I have a go at cutting my own hair! Should be fun!

Tonight I will be walking a local estate for my 'Front Porch Project' that the boy's Auntie lives on. They spent the morning drawing pictures and writing letters for me to deliver on my way!

The bowl cut is still looking quite like a bowl...but neater.

Eden and Zephyr played on the Playstation for a bit, they were playing 'Beast Quest' which is a game based on a series of books that Eden is currently blasting through. He's read about 14 books since February so it's fair to say, he's quite into it!

Ivor was treated to a new experience. The Travel Cot. He's neither keen or upset about the whole thing.

After bath time, I played a game with the boys where I had to be the baddy and I changed mood with their bedroom light (courtesy of Alexa). Eden soon got bored of this and decided to read some more Beast Quest.

I then went downstairs to watch the daily update. Same old nothingness.

Day 38

After a morning of school work, Eden asked if I could draw Captain Marvel for him to color in. So I did. Actually, I cheated. I traced it off my laptop screen. He was most impressed with this technique. I also showed him how to smudge blend pencil shading. He loved this!

I wanted to show him how to draw a compass using a technique my dad had shown me, but I had forgotten how to do it! I asked my dad to send me a video tutorial so that I could show Eden. I remember liking this when I was little. Dad sent me this later on...

I then played with Zephyr and Ivor whilst Eden finished off his school work with Dannielle.

Dannielle found a funny app on Instagram that turns your face into the shape of an animal. Much fun was had! The boys were loving this!

The boys polished off their dinner and went upstairs to let us watch the 5pm news update.

Boris was back and there has already been talk of ending the lockdown. No idea why really. Lots of people still appear to be dying every day.

As part of my Front Porch Project tonight I was photographing 'Auntie Fran' and the boys cousin 'Arlo'. I also photographed about 13 others tonight but you can find those in my album using the link above...

Day 39

After an enthusiastic porridge club this morning, Zephyr and Dannielle made a 'good behaviour' chart. He's been a bit of a terror recently and his toileting needs some work.

We then decided to go for a walk to Nanna's house to deliver a hand decorated envelope containing letters and picture that the boys had made. Ivor rocked this outfit...

Social Distancing queue outside the doctors surgery.

When we got there, we discovered that we weren't the only ones. Auntie Fran and cousin Arlo had decided to do the same so we saw them as well, keeping a good distance as we're supposed to.

When we got home, my parents were parked outside. They had been for a blood test and wanted to drop off some money for us, to help out with things. It was nice to see them out of the house despite the circumstances.

Eden made me draw Thor for him today. He's planning to turn all of these into 'Avengers bunting' for his bedroom now! 20 to go!...

No time or interest for the news update today. I'll wait till it looks like some important information is coming before bothering again I think.

Day 40

Eden spent the morning making 'Stormbreaker' out of Lego (he watch Thor: Ragnarok yesterday). He then made me draw Black Panther and Black Widow for him to color in for his bunting. Zephyr got in on the action and made me draw Thanos, declaring he was going to do all the baddies! Rainbow Thanos. Love it.

Danniele had drawn out letters to cut out of wood for the boys. An E, a Z and a I. She's planning to paint these and put them up in their room.

"Daddy, are you proud of me..."

We took the boys to the field for a bit of a run around and we took Zephyr's bike for him to have another go without stabilisers. he's getting pretty good, managing around six seconds unaided now! We also played a game of 'boules', which Zephyr is apparently a natural at! He won, beating me and Eden.

During bath time I got a good opportunity to get some nice shots of Ivor in his cot. What a guy!

Tried to watch a bit of the news but this happened...

Thankfully, then this happened...

Day 41

Croissants for breakfast today! A weekly treat for us after the big shop! The boys love them and always polish them off at an impressive rate. Eden then spent the next thirty minutes drawing all of the Avengers weapons. I didn't really shoot much today as I was tired from my Front Porch Project session last night. Here's what I did get though...

Zephyr is doing well with his 'good behavior' chart. The key to this has been water. Drinking lots more water. He is in a much better mood now too and he's been playing with his brothers really well. My Bike riding, dinner munching, toilet tripping legend!

Day 42

We started the day by cleaning out the animals. Here is also an update on the vegetable/sunflower growing front...

After this we decided to drive somewhere quite remote to let the boys have a run around and walk. I think this was the first time Dannielle has driven in six weeks so she found it a bit strange at first. As did the boys!

We drove to a spot near Dannielle's parent's house and went for a walk up to a place known as 'Gypsy Hill'. The boys love it here and regularly collect Quartz from the top.

Dannielle rocking the new Frugi backpack...

Great view from the top!

Someone had been and built a ramp so the boys enjoyed running up and down this!

Quickly stopped at my folks on the way home to drop off some Willow that my dad wanted. We stayed in the car but it was nice to see them again!

Eden has now made this many Avengers for his bunting...

So, week six of Lockdown complete. This week I shot over one hundred Front Porch Portraits again too! My donation page is now over £1000 which was my target. Hoping to smash this now!

I'll be updating this blog weekly, let me know what you think though in the comments below.

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