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COVID-19 Lockdown - Week Three

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Has it been another week already? Time flies huh?

I've been overwhelmed with the lovely messages that people have been sending me about these blog posts and it's been really endearing to hear some of your ownthoughts and stories.

This week was much tougher to photograph. I find things often are the more you photograph them. It becomes harder and harder to inject my own ideas and creativity, or even to simply document. Eyes become used to the everyday sights and sounds and it becomes easy to forget to photograph what could have been significant moments. Saying this, I've also remained mindful that now is a crucial time to engage with my own family. Often, by placing the barrier of a camera between our interaction, results in a lack of engagement or emotional involvement on my part. It's very important to stop photographing, but also to photograph the everyday creatively and with insight. This is a tough balance to pull off as I am discovering.

Day 15

Today began the same way everyday does. Porridge club. Always well attended and always a roaring success. All three of our boys LOVE porridge. They eat it every single day. Literally. Ivor was particularly chuffed today because he got to have his with his favourite flavour of fruit mix. Banana and Pod Podge FTW.

After a slow paced morning, Ivor crashed out on me and Dannielle took this lovely shot of us. I don't often get many photographs of myself with the boys as I'm usually on the other side of the lens. It's always a rare treat to get a nice one like this.

Zephyr sulked about the lack of attention he was getting due to Ivor's chosen nap location and Eden and Mummy were busy completing Eden's school work.

The whole day remained fairly slow paced, I think we all felt a bit tired today so we resorted to movies, music and snuggles for most of the day. Ivor was happy to chill in his wagon, which has fast become his favourite spot since he has been able to sit up.

5pm news hits, so the kids disappeared upstairs and left us to take in the daily update. I'm finding these a little tedious at the moment. It seems to be the same questions getting asked with the same avoiding replies from the chosen representatives.

I went upstairs to read the boys their bedtime stories and Zephyr was in a particularly cheeky mood. We had a mini discob and four stories before any signs of cooperation were obvious.

Day 16

After porridge club, I spent some time with the boys explaining how a compass works and how to use one to navigate a map. They both understood this really well. They drew their own compass' and successfully completed a short treasure hunt in our garden. They had to work out the direction to travel from a central point in the garden using various compass bearings and walk the correct number of steps.

They both earned themselves £2.50, but I told them that they couldn't keep it until they constructed a treasure hunt for me, using whatever toys they wanted to hide. They had to write clues for me, demonstrating that they could use their new knowledge effectively. They nailed this, just look at my treasure haul!

Dannielle was busy painting her latest piece of furniture restoration. A new cabinet for our tiny bathroom. We're always struggling against the lack of storage in this tiny house so this will be a welcome addition.

After some grub, Eden and Zephyr enjoyed a bit of screen time and then we decided to go for a wander across the field next to us. There were not many people out today and the weather was boiling, so it was nice to stretch our legs and get a bit of fresh air.

After tea, we watched the daily news update and put the boys to bed.

After editing the day's photographs, I then decided to try and get some shots outside whilst it was dark. I noticed the sky was incredibly clear tonight so it seemed like the perfect chance to get some images that I had been thinking about for a couple of days. I wanted to capture the surrounding houses, showing the lights on inside, whilst also capturing the vast universe above us. The idea behind these, was to highlight that although we are all confined to our own little spaces currently, it's important to remember that there is a lot more outside waiting for us all when this is all over.

Day 17

Zephyr looked after Ivor whilst I made the daily porridge supplies. I came in to check that he had actually remembered to look after him and managed to get this little set of super cute photographs.

After breakfast, Dannielle was busy cooking up a huge Shepard's Pie for us so Eden and Zephyr were playing in the lounge and I managed to get Ivor to have a nap in the wagon.

After lunch, we decided to hunt out whatever scrap wood we could find down the side of our shed and attempt to build the boys a 'den' at the bottom of the garden. We didn't have much wood, so it wasn't the best thing we've ever built but they sure loved it. I'm going to be adding a few other bits to it later in the week too.

At a quarter to eight I took a stroll down the road, to another part of our estate to get some photographs of this weeks 8pm clap of appreciation for the key workers in our country.

The first man I spoke with was an NHS worker and his partner worked in a care home, he also pointed out to me that his number plate contained '999' which I then had to try and get in the shot! It was nice to chat to them and I thanked them for all their hard work and made it clear how grateful we all are to them.

During my walk home, the light was fading but still felt empowering and full of summer atmosphere. Whilst walking across the field I nipped up to the end to get this shot of the supermarket. A place of monumental significance for us all right now.

Day 18

This morning, I set to work on a shoddy bench/toy box for the boy's den. After far too much time, I presented it to them, complete with shelving and lockable 'treasure box' (post box). They loved it. I then used a but of scrap wood to give Eden a much desired 'Nerf Ammo Storage Facility'.

On my way in for some food, I finally solved a long running mystery. Above our bedroom, myself and Dannielle have heard scratching noises and been wondering if it was a bird, mouse or worse...rat, in our attic. I just happened to look up and see this little guy coming out of our gutter. I watched him for a few minutes and he was going in and out constantly. Mystery solved. His name is Pecky.

Eden and Zephyr were inside playing with KNEX after Dannielle's mum brought two big boxes of it round for them. They really enjoyed having a good play with this. Goofballs.

Tried to watch the daily update, but couldn't really concentrate because the boys were not willing to entertain themselves. I soon gave up and went to play with them in the den instead. Good move.

Day 19

Ivor seems to know the routine now. As soon as we get downstairs, he is smacking his lips at the prospect of the forthcoming pod podge. He has truly confirmed his membership in porridge club now and passed the initial probationary period with flying colours.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so Dannielle spent the morning baking cakes and cooking a massive roast for us to enjoy today and tomorrow! Legend.

Ivor napped in his wagon and the boys and myself created a marble run feature for their den. They enjoyed helping me with this and I let them work out where the pieces needed to go.

Ivor woke up just in time for his photoshoot. Look at that belly though! What a chunk. Must be all that porridge.

Eden was inside waiting for the postman with anticipation. He had saved up some money and bought himself an Iron Man themed Nerf blaster. He was using my phone to track the delivery man in real time. I kept winding him up by telling him that he had missed us out and wouldn't be back until well after his bedtime. He turned up bang on time though and Eden was stoked.

Roast time. Yum. Is there any better meal though?

We then watched the daily update which was being chaired by a policeman who was highlighting the huge increase in domestic violence. Awful to realise the reality of this. This was swiftly followed by the same old questions and the same lack of answers available.

After the boys were all asleep, myself and Dannielle got busy creating an Easter treasure hunt for the boys, which, we were well aware that we would be doing at some time between 6.30am-7am. Ugh. It was quite fun to come up with the clues though, some of our hiding places were genius. Dannielle had also prepared goody bags for each of the boys, containing their Easter eggs and a couple of other little presents. When I was reading Zephyr his story in bed earlier, he remembered that he had forgot to leave a carrot out for the Easter bunny and made us all go downstairs to do so.

Day 20

We made them wait until 7am before the hunt began. Zephyr was already excited about the fact that he could see from our window, that the carrot he left in the back garden was gone.

After the excitement of the hunt, some breakfast and actually waking up, we decided to give my parents a FaceTime to wish them a happy Easter and say hello. They had a game of 'find the banana's' all ready to go with their trademark 'eggs and pasties' (see previous blog post for actual explanation of this). Once again, it went down to the wire and it was in the very last one!

We spent the afternoon listening to music in the lounge and enjoying some time together without having to do stuff. Lush. Eden was impressed that I had the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on vinyl. He's just watch both of these films, so it had maximum impact. Cool dad points.

The news update revealed that the UK's death rate had now surpassed ten thousand. Grim.

After the kids went to bed, myself and Dannielle enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco that had been chilling in the fridge ready for Easter.

Day 21

A morning walk to the postbox and a kick about on the field was much appreciated by all. Zephyr found a ring and married Mummy. He also collected loads of flowers and leaves in order to create a magic potion for the fairies when we got home.

Zephyr was keen to create his potion, which he then informed us that the fairies will collect and leave then.

Later this evening Dannielle made a little card from the fairies and put 50p inside for him.

These trips to the field next to us could become a regular expense now...

Just look at this bunch. Partners in crime for sure!

Ivor played really well today, he sat up and kept himself amused for ages without much help. His favourite toys currently include a plastic pineapple, a digger and a wooden ring with lots of ribbons attached. Most of which are not in this photograph.

After the boys were asleep I went to Tesco do get our weekly shop. When I got there I realised that it had shut early because it was Easter Monday. I went to Sainsbury's which had far less security measures in place, but was open. Got most bits, but it cost more than usual.

So, week three of Lockdown complete. I'll be updating this blog weekly, let me know what you think though in the comments below.

I am planning to turn this work into a zine or a photo book once this awful situation has passed, with any/all profits going straight to the NHS.

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