COVID-19 Lockdown - Week Two

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I've had some very positive feedback from my first blog entry including lots of messages from people telling me that this inspired them to get their own cameras out. Great! That's brilliant. I feel strongly that we have a responsibility to tell our own stories as I mentioned in my previous entry. I'm looking forward to seeing some photography from other families.

It's also been a very healthy self reflective exercise. There is no greater joy than looking through lots of photographs of the things that I hold closest and the people that bring me joy in my life. At a time like this, this is what we all need. An event like this really emphasises what is most important in life. Is it money? No. Is it fame? No. Is it bragging rights? No. It's good health, the safety of a home and people that mean the world to us.

Anyway, here is my second week of lockdown.

Day Eight.

Two days ago, I introduced Eden, my eldest boy (7), to Marvel films. We watched Iron Man and he LOVED it (yes!). The next day, we watched Iron Man 2 and we've since decided to watch all the Marvel films in order over 22 days. Yes, I know, they're mostly rated as 12's, but he seems totally fine watching them and it's my call. Besides, he's already watched all of the Harry Potter films and they're all 12 or 12a. Anyway, Eden naturally now loves Iron Man, so I drew a crude outline of him this morning for him to colour in an 'weaponise'. Zephyr (4) wanted to draw Captain America's shield so he was kept well entertained also. Ivor (0) lay on the floor next to us looking cute and making funny noises.

I then spent the next couple of hours undertaking various DIY related jobs allocated to me, I didn't get a chance to photograph much during this time, but here's a photograph of Dannielle patiently waiting for me to 'get cracking'.

When the tinkering with rabbit hutches and creation of a 'boys' den' in our garden was completed (for now), we allowed Eden some, much covered 'Playstation time'. I'm secretly pretty chuffed that he's got into Sonic the Hedgehog recently, as it's something that I loved at his age and that kind of thing is always a heart melter for us blokes. Plus, I got to play it a little... so that I could 'show him how it works'. Ha.

Next up, bath time. The kids love bath time and it's never really a chore. It's actually quite a nice part of the routine. Ivor is starting to appreciate this too, taking his opportunity to flex his leg muscles and have a good splash. I mean, come on, just look at that face...

I did notice however that during this, there were some normal, but seemingly more significant sights in our bathroom. Dannielle had been busy this morning deep cleaning our bathroom and bedrooms whilst we were colouring. This isn't something out of the ordinary as Dannielle is a total super star for keeping our home ship shape day in and day out, it just seemed more significant in the greater scheme of things right now and it's times like this where we can all learn to really be grateful of these chores.

Post bath time stories was next up on the agenda and although Zephyr was playing up and resisting the idea of going to sleep anytime soon, my patience levels seemed increased and I cherished the utter cheekiness of him, he's a stubborn little critter but I wouldn't change a thing about him. I think my photograph of him sums this up well.

Day Nine

Dannielle spent the morning with Eden creating a clock face as part of Eden's 'home learning' work set by the school. Eden really enjoyed making this and seemed to get a good understanding of how it all works. He can tell the time digitally very well but he has never really learned how to read an analog clock. Since doing this exercise, he's rummaged out his Lego watch and worn it pretty much constantly, even in bed!

We then had a bit of 'TV time' as I had to go to our local post office and post a couple of items and deposit some cash we had into our ever decreasing bank account.

Helston was strange. Although it initially looked busy because there were many cars parked up on the sides of the high street, it quickly became apparent that there were no people around. The cars, I figured, must belong to people living above the shops or workers still playing their part in our community.

When I got back (after thoroughly washing my hands) we watched the next Marvel film, 'Thor'. Both the older boys loved this and I think myself and Dannielle both took some grace in the fleeting moments of quiet. There was also some pretty good snuggling going on...

After the boys were asleep, I was due to undertake our next weekly shop at the local Tesco.

I had also promised my parents that I would pick up a couple of essentials for them and deliver them. They had arranged for a 'click and collect' on Saturday but without any warning or explanation, loads of their items had been removed such as cat food, milk and custard powder. Tesco was even stranger than the last time I had visited, the aisles were still fairly sparse but there was evidence of the huge queuing systems during the peak hours of the daytime. There was much more emphasis on the 'one way system' of navigation and the atmosphere in there seemed much more anxious. It was lovely to see my parents, even though we stood well away from each other. Whilst delivering these bits, I took the opportunity to remind them that it's also necessary to clean groceries before putting them away.

Day Ten

Eden's two front teeth have been progressively wobbly for the last couple of weeks and we woke up this morning to find that during the night, one of them had wiggled free. Eden was excited but also concerned that the tooth fairy may not be able to get here due to the lockdown. We joked about this, telling him that she 'might not be able to get to the bank'.

Dannielle suggested that it might be a good idea to give him something different anyway to remind him of this experience, so we decided that instead of money, the tooth fairy was (ironically) going to be delivering sweets tonight.

Just look at the other one still hanging in there by a thread...bleurgh. Here's a video from yesterday...

The boys and Dannielle then spent the morning working on Easter themed crafts.

And then it happened. Tooth number two was ready to come out! I looked over at him and it was literally hanging in their sideways. I naturally advised him to call Mummy and between the two of them, they bravely removed the offending tooth! Two front teeth...gone!

I then took Eden out on his bike and he nailed his record of solo flight. One minute and fifty seconds of non stabilised riding. He's finally got it! Proud Dad right here!

We spent the afternoon in the garden completing various DIY projects whilst the weather was nice. Ivor was happy to chill in his wagon with his brand new sun hat! What a dude eh?!

Eden's new look took some getting used to and Zephyr was quite amused at the fact that Eden now looked like a vampire...

4.45pm can only mean one thing. Daily News update imminent. The boys went to play upstairs whilst myself and Dannielle watched the updated statistics and fatality rates (569).

We gave both the boys a tooth fairy delivery as we decided that Zephyr would have felt very left out and he had been especially well behaved today.

After the boys were asleep, I remembered that tonight was the second 'NHS & Key Worker Clap' at 8pm. I forgot to photograph last weeks, but I did take part! Here are some photographs from tonights show of appreciation! I love the communal atmosphere during this, it's very uplifting.

Day Eleven

The boys spent the morning writing letters to our family members. Zephyr also found time to get a bit of Duplo based playtime in as well.